06 September 2014

Still here (just for a couple more hours)

Strafe and I are leaving for Luxembourg in just a few short hours. Very excited to compete at our first (and hopefully not last) FCI AWC together! We are flying into Brussels directly, then several team members/management are renting a van together and driving the couple short hours down to our hotel in Luxembourg.

This trip felt way TOO easy to pack for compared to the 2.5 weeks I was gone in July/August. I keep being sure I've forgotten so many things, but no, everything is there. Uniform, dog food, bowl, crate, mats, etc. All packed and ready!

I will try to post brief updates on Facebook but of course I'm leaving the computer at home. Wish us luck!

My friend pointed out that this looks like a strange "Doo-wop" dance. She's not wrong.

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Kriszty said...

Good Luck! Let us know how you go!