12 August 2014

Post trip blog

Sorry the blog just hasn't been very up to date lately. I've been posting mostly on Facebook, little snippets and tons of photos from the trip (and I'm not even done posting yet!)

Videos from BCC are online at my youtube account, and my EO videos are posted individually here you might have to scroll down to find them.

The trip to Europe this summer was long and fun. First we flew into Munich, spent a night in Salzburg because I've learned that driving too far after a long overnight flight is a super bad idea. Salzburg was pretty but we only spent a couple hours walking around with the dogs to see what we could see without going inside anywhere.

After that we got to the event hotel, where we stayed for 6 nights leading into EO and during it. It was a cute little hotel that also served as a spa with several pools and a weird little rennaisance faire attraction and sports club/hall as well.

Puchner Castle hotel in Hungary, our "home" during EO:

The EO itself was a great event. Very competitive, really fun courses; I felt the judges did a great job of balancing speed with challenges! It was really exciting to make the Final for the 2nd year in a row and run clean, although the final course was just a bit too fast and furious for us and we placed 8th. I was still really thrilled with our run. I guess we just have to figure out how to go faster next year!

After EO me and a couple of friends drove into Budapest to sight see for a few days. Before this trip I didn't know very much about Budapest. It was really a beautiful city! Here's just a few representative pics; I haven't actually finished processing all of the pictures I took yet!

After sight seeing a few days we were off to Slovakia, for the Border Collie Classic!

Again, Strafe and I put in a strong performance, making the Final and running clean, once again not quite speedy enough for the podium but again with a really nice run that made me happy at the end of it. I feel like we are ready for AWC right now, we are running the really tough courses clean more often than not, and always fast enough to be "in the mix" even if we aren't *quite* winning them.

After BCC was over, we drove back across to Munich and flew home, just a week ago. And then this past weekend we were up at AKC World Team Practice in Connecticut! What a great team we have this year, everyone gets along SO WELL and we have so many competitive dogs and great handlers on the team! I am really excited for this event; I've been to IFCS, WAO, and EO (and BCC now!) but never AWC! Looking forward to it - we leave in only 3 and 1/2 weeks!!

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Lauren Miller said...

Wow! That looks like an awesome trip! Your photos are gorgeous! Congrats on the clean runs!