15 July 2014


Strafe and I leave in only FIVE more days for our big European summer adventure trip. We're flying into Munich because it was the closest relatively affordable direct flight, then stopping to sight see briefly in Salzburg before driving down to Hungary. We're in Hungary at the Team Hotel for the European Open, coming up SO SOON! After that we'll sight see in Budapest for a few days before heading up into Slovakia for the Border Collie Classic. I'm really excited to do 2 big events while I'm over there.

Strafe got a brand new fancy ID tag this year, the first time I've sprung for such a thing! I love it, and it goes with his fancy collar and the charm I got that were both gifts!

I've started packing; hoping to fit everything in one big suitcase and a backpack as carry on. Will probably have to do some laundry at some point but that should be OK.

The weekend after I return I am off to Connecticut for the 2nd AWC Practice, and then that will be basically everything I focus on from there until mid-September. 2014 is a busy year!

Please buy a fan shirt :) The funds go directly to support our AWC Agility Team costs!

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