28 May 2014

All over

I have been traveling rather a lot this year, and yet I have a lot of travel left to do. So far I've been to Cleveland Ohio (several times), Leesburg VA, Tampa FL, Chicago IL, Copenhagen Denmark, London and Birmingham England for Crufts, out to Harrisburg PA for AKC Nationals, Vancouver BC, Seattle area WA, Ontario CA, Minneapolis MN, and finally down to Atlanta GA. Most of this has been for seminars but some of it for competitions. This coming weekend I'm off to Connecticut for another seminar, then I actually have 2 local trials, something I haven't been doing enough of this year. I missed several trials when Strafe was sick and then I was sick too, and added to my busy teaching schedule that leaves us rather behind on qualifying for AKC Nationals. So... off we go to silly local AKC trials, one of which is actually a 3 hour drive out of town with a hotel because it just happened to be a weekend i was home and that is how I have had to plan this year!

In other, less happy news... for the last couple of years, on and off, I've had some vague mild sort of knee pain. This year it's gotten worse. It clicks a lot. It hurts sometimes and sometimes it feels swollen. I can't squat down quickly because it hurts rather a lot, rather suddenly, and I end up sitting on my ass instead of squatting. I can squat down slowly, or I can just kneel on the good side. So yes, what all this adds up to is that I seem to have torn a small part of my meniscus on the left side. So if you see me sporting extensive KT tape or a nice brace, you will know why. I will more than likely end up having to fix it surgically, but I'm going to try managing with PT first; targeted strengthening exercises, and a regimen of NSAIDs, ice, laser, and just plain being careful. If all of that doesn't "fix" the problem, I will look into surgery in late November or December some time since my dogs and I are usually off during that time anyway.

So far running doesn't seem to cause too much pain, but I'm also changing running shoes just in case that helps. It does seem more sore after a day of walking around in my running shoes (which I don't wear for things like hiking and teaching). And I'm still pretty freaking fast, obviously;)

If you haven't seen this video yet, it's pretty cool, and showcases my way-too-big-for-my-size running stride.


On the puppy front, Ven is doing well, had a minor puppy freak out last week but he's doing great this week. He's a pretty sensitive guy, but seems pretty smart and I still like his structure and temperament. I thought his ears were going up for a while but now they mostly fold to the side, except when he's really really excited they stand up. Also, I'm pretty sure he's taller than Kiba now.

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Aleks W said...

Hi Rosanne,
I've been following your blog for a while now, really love hearing about your adventures!

I'm not one to comment very often, but thought I'd share a little research that I ran across recently on meniscus repair: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1305189

Hope things feel better, knee injuries really are tough to deal with in agility.