20 May 2014

A good year

Well now the results of Tryouts are in, Strafe and I have been selected to once more be a part of the USA Team for the European Open! (After that, we are also entered in the Border Collie Classic in Slovakia!)

And then the other day we discovered we were ALSO chosen to represent the USA as part of the FCI AWC Team!

We are very excited to compete at the FCI AWC in September! I've been working hard towards that goal for a while now and it's definitely paid off. We have a bit of work to do on a few stupid handling issues we've had, along with a bit of independence on the aframe maybe for those hard turns, and of course primarily Strafe and I both need to continue working towards being in better shape after our super cold winter and then our spring illnesses.

For those not on Ven's blog: he's doing quite well although the training has been slow and spotty due to my schedule. He's growing like a weed and is probably almost 18" tall right now at 4.5 months, I am thinking he will finish up slightly taller than Strafe. He's a pretty soft, sensitive guy but he also learns very quickly and loves to play.

Right now I have some seminars coming up, and I'm in the middle of planning the EO/BCC trip AND the travel to AWC Practice in June AND my trial schedule - due to Strafe being sick then me being sick, we missed a few AKC trials in the spring and Strafe is barely 1/4 qualified for Nationals for next year.

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