26 April 2014

My voice is louder today. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to speak normally by Tryouts next weekend. It's been so long since my voice was 100% normal that I've almost forgotten what I sound like...

I realized I never shared any pictures from Crufts here. I've been so busy since I got back, with Strafe's illness, followed by Nationals, then my illness, then a big trip traveling, along with trying to work with Ven and posting on HIS blog regularly....

Below the break are a bunch of lovely pictures from Ian Watts from our first (and hopefully not last) trip to Crufts to represent the USA in the International events!

(as always, please don't save and use any pictures on here, they are copyrighted by the photographers and I paid money for them!)

(awkward award photo, my least favorite part of winning!)

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