25 April 2014

Busy April.

So after my last post, I recovered fairly well, although it did take almost a week to feel pretty normal. Then I left on a 12-day trip with Strafe to go teach seminars! I started in Vancouver, and while I was a bit worried about teaching in a dirt indoor, the dirt was good, not dusty, and I continued to recover day by day. Strafe finished up his doxycycline on the day before we left, and while he skipped dinner on the first full day of the trip (after an extra long day of teaching, and before we had adjusted to the time zone), I'm happy to say he's every single meal since then, for 2 weeks, in addition to various treats and cookies and such that he's been offered. He seems back to normal, happy, hungry Strafe. Anyway, I had 3 lovely days in Vancouver area, really nice weather, good people and dogs. Then my friend came up from Washington state and we drove south across the border back into the USA, and I stayed there for a few days, did 2 short days of Tryout prep style workshops, which I also ran Strafe in. I am glad I worked him there, as we both felt and ran pretty well. I only had a bit of a lingering cough from my crud.

I had fun in WA, it was fun and interesting to hang out in person with someone whom I talk to online an awful lot. Her dogs are really excited, as you can see.

After that Strafe and I were off to southern California. The weather there was maybe a little bit TOO nice, as in too warm for me, really, as the weekend went on, but I have to admit I kind of enjoyed the sun despite the bit of burn (now resolved to tan) that I acquired.

SUN! Eucalyptus trees! Allergies?

Well. The very first full day I was in California my lymph nodes swelled back up a bit, and over the weekend that progressed into either some weird form of allergies or a Crud Redux. I was really leaning towards allergies but now as I am home and it is healing up again, I am going through the same annoying coughing spasms I went through as I healed from the original NAC Crud. So now I'm not sure.

I had a great time everywhere I went on this trip, even if I did come home a bit sick and exhausted and sunburnt. I got home Tuesday morning, and then yesterday, Thursday, I flew out to Cleveland for a 1-day teaching gig with a repeat group I've seen several times over the winter. I admit my voice is still scratchy from all this talking on top of the cruds I've had, but I did have fun. As I've gotten older (no, I'm not claiming I'm "old"!) I've learned that I actually enjoy traveling and teaching and working with people. I definitely still need my "alone time" in between, and rest of course, and there's several good reasons I'm doing absolutely nothing constructive this weekend. But I had fun, and I'd consider doing again too.

For now I get to hang out with all 5 of my dogs, train the puppy, and make last minute preparations for Tryouts which are coming up SO SOON! Strafe and I are off on Thursday morning. We are trying out for both EO and AWC this year, and I'm actually pretty excited about both.

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