16 March 2014

Wishing for puppy pictures?

playing with Bizou, my mother's 18 month old papillon

playing with Gaze, who's almost 6 months old

9.5 weeks, posing with his older brother

almost 10 weeks, checking in with me and smiling

almost 10 weeks, running in the field among his new friends

10 weeks, staring at Kiba 
10 weeks, stalking Kiba

10 weeks, looks like he's saying "Who me? I didn't do anything!"

10 weeks, looking huge but he's not, it's a trick of where he's standing
He's about 12" tall at 10 weeks old, my guess is still going to be that he finishes just under 21" and close to 40lbs. But then i also thought Strafe would be a little bit bigger than he is, so who knows, I could be totally wrong! I'm pretty sure he's not going to be huge, but I'm also sure he's not going to be tiny. That's all I know for sure ;)

Strafe is doing so much better today. He's now eaten 3 meals in a row, and this morning he actually looked HUNGRY and ate quickly for the first time in a week. I'm so relieved; this probably means the diagnosis of Anaplasmosis is the correct one as far as the reason he wasn't eating, and that the doxycyline is working and he is feeling better now.

Yesterday I went to the AKC trial and ran Kiba but she forgot how to weave so didn't finish her MACH2. Today I decided to just stay home. Instead I entered 1 day of UKI next Sunday, which I will use to practice good contacts by running NFC (not for competition) in the ring. My dogs have never encountered that so it should be a great surprise for them ;)

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