24 March 2014

Growing and Recovery

Ven is growing. Our first visit to the vet in the USA today had him at 14.5 lbs, although I swear this scale always measures a little bit low. So he's gained about 2.5 lbs since coming home, doesn't sound like a ton but 14.5lbs at only 11 weeks is nothing to sneeze at. And he's definitely not fat. Going to stay with my guess that he'll be just a bit bigger than Strafe when he's finished. He handled the vet great, snuggled with everyone and played with his leash.

I brought Strafe with me to give Ven some confidence in the new environment and get a weight on him. He's finally eating regularly after about 10 days of on and off fasting, due to the Anaplasmosis and then perhaps due to stomach upset from the Doxy. He still doesn't eat every single bit that I give him but he hasn't gone a whole day without food in a week now so I'm pretty confident that we're past the worst of it, finally. He had lost almost 2.5 lbs between the travel and then the refusal to eat, so even though he's only gained just under a half a pound back, he does already feel a tiny bit better to me when I run my hands over him. Still on the skinny side but he's about the same weight as some people keep their agility dogs (too skinny for me - I worry about his body eating up muscle if I kept him at this weight).

Ven continues to be cute and happy. He plays, learns, eats, and grows.

Ven, 11 weeks old

Ven and Seri being a bit weird together

I went to my first UKI trial yesterday, ran NFC to practice contacts, then both Strafe and Kiba got byes in the Masters Series. I was glad that I got to run Strafe some, because it gave me confidence for AKC Nationals which begins this Thursday. His jumping looked great and he was moving fabulously, obviously feeling good. It is still highly unlikely that I will go to the US Open or try out for WAO but at least now my dogs and I are registered for the future and have an idea of how the game works.

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