14 March 2014

Belated Crufts Trip Post

10 days ago I embarked on a bit of a crazy trip with one dog and came home with two!

First I flew from Newark to Denmark, where Jane, Strafe's breeder, picked me up and I met my puppy. It was really cool to take Strafe back to see his breeder and meet his mother again. She really liked him at first, and was sort of incestuously flirting with him when they first met:

But after we got back to her house, she decided he was just another boy dog and mostly just left him alone or made faces at him ;)

We did get to go to the beach though, with Strafe, his mother, and his two half-brothers (and Do It who is not related).

Sorry the tan markings are extra red, it took me a bit to figure out the settings on my new camera, it's fixed now but I didn't mess with it while I was on the trip, afraid to "break" it!

The next day, Thursday, Jane dropped me off at the Copenhagen airport and we flew across to England for Crufts.

LOTS of halls, all of them full of dogs and vendors, easy to get lost!
Thursday evening we had a brief practice off site (thanks to the Gardners!) which we just used to get on the contacts and the chute. Friday I had the day off to shop and watch (this was the first year there was more than one American at Crufts! Congrats to Desiree and Daneen for also winning classes there!)

Saturday we got to run! And we won our very first run at Crufts! Our Jumping run was just great, we were super connected and I loved it.

(above photos thanks to Carrie DeYoung who was also my guide on this part of the trip, always steering me in the right direction and telling me where to go!)

Our 2nd run I was determined to stay on course, because as long as we did not get eliminated, I would be through to run in the Final! And we did - unfortunately we did not run clean, as I over-handled his running aframe and got too far behind to show him the weaves out of a tunnel, so we earned a refusal there (I think that's his first missed weave entry in almost 2 years?!)

And in the Final we had a bit of a muck-up, where I tried to use a tunnel brake verbal and instead he pulled back out of the tunnel, then proceeded to run around it in a very confused manner. I was laughing - he is such a good boy he would never do something like that on purpose, he was genuinely confused and trying to be right!

Now I wonder though if that was the beginning... That night he was really really extra tired, more than I'd expect even after a big day, and he did not completely finish his dinner. Sunday he ate a little bit of breakfast at the airport, then refused to eat anything else once we got to Denmark. I thought maybe stress? We got a nice short walk in with the family again.

photo by Kristin, who kindly agreed to come and help me bring the puppy home!

We got home Monday after a fairly uneventful but long flight home from Copenhagen. Puppy Ven is doing really really well (don't forget you can learn all about his training on my paid blog! Sorry for advertising;)

But Strafe is still not eating. Wednesday we went to the vet and ran bloodwork which was mostly normal, just positive for Anaplasmosis which is a tick borne disease common in my area. So Thursday we started on antibiotics for that. Today, Friday, I went back to the vet and also got an appetite stimulant. I am hoping the combination of those things will have him back to normal in no time, but for now he's just a bit tired and has lost a bit of weight. His temperature is normal, he is "passing things through" normally, and he is drinking water and staying hydrated. Obviously I will not be running him at the trial this weekend though. He is on pretty strict rest other than a short walk in the field, until he starts to eat again. So far he's been eating one small meal each day, and then I have been giving him a high calorie gel smeared on his tongue to make sure he gets enough nutrients and calories (Nutri-Cal). He is holding his weight, but he IS too skinny. I am crossing my fingers he will be well to run at AKC Nationals in 2 weeks!

On the up side, Kiba will run AKC this weekend could finish her MACH2 if she gets a QQ.

And Ven has settled right into the household really really nicely!


onlyonewoof said...

Ven has lovely structure, just like his dad! Hope Strafe feels better soon though :-/

Tori Self said...

Oh goodness, so sorry to hear Strafe is not doing well. Sending good thoughts to the handsome man.

Congrats on your win at Crufts! Sounds like a lovely, lovely trip.