16 February 2014

Catching up.

Wow, so little posting. I've been keeping up on facebook. Traveling all over. More ice, more snow.

A couple days it was warm enough to hike.

But most days it hasn't been over freezing. I bought a treadmill.

Strafe is not a fan but he's learning.

I got stuck an extra night in Cleveland after teaching a seminar, due to snow.

Then I got stuck 2 extra nights in Florida because of snow at home. But at least the weather down there was nice. Strafe and I had fun attending a seminar instead of teaching one for a change.

When I got home from Florida, this had come in the mail.

and I looked at the calendar. Holy crap!! I leave for my Crufts/puppy retrieval trip in just over 2 weeks! I can't believe it!

Puppies are 6 weeks old now, getting close to knowing which one will be mine. That hasn't wholly sunk in yet either.

Kiba continues to run *really* well in local AKC trials, she already has 4 QQ's and 10 total single Q's for 2014. I am not planning to run her in Reno at AKC Nationals next year, but boy do I wish the event was close enough to take her because she is trying really hard to qualify!

Strafe has been running well handling-wise but still hitting the odd bar at trials. The spacing and course design at AKC is just not his favorite.

Here is a highlight video of our fun times at the OneMindDogs seminar with Jaakko and Janita in FL

and here is a link to my YouTube account with longer, less edited videos of the courses we ran.

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onlyonewoof said...

Poetry in motion. You guys are amazing. And what I wouldn't give to work with J&J, but we can't even afford classes right now. Some day, though, for sure :-D