25 February 2014

Something new

I am starting a paid blog/journal site to detail Ven's upbringing. I will still include very generic normal sort of updates here, as i might usually do, along with a slew of pictures of course. But if you're interested in following Ven's training from start to "finish" (meaning up to his first trial anyway), then you'll want to sign up here: www.dauntlessagility.com/RaisingVen/

24 February 2014

Getting to be a habit

I've had this blog for about 5 or 6 years now, and I definitely go through cycles of updating a LOT, and hardly updating at all. I apologize but lately it has been the latter! I'm on Facebook fairly regularly though, so I'm not that hard to keep track of. Strafe has his own page, as does my agility "business" Dauntless Agility as well now. Easier to post about specific things that way.

Last weekend Strafe and I went to Chicago to teach. Major delays getting there but once there we had fun. Nice facility; I'm really happy that so many places are putting in turf with rubber infill these days! Clean, heated, pretty good footing for the dogs (nothing is perfect, after all). Nice to teach on all day. We got home quite late last night and today we took the day off of anything strenuous because we leave in just over ONE WEEK for Crufts!

And I'm routing through Denmark in order to pick up this guy, who I'd like to formally introduce as All Zet Be Adventurous, otherwise known as Ven. (thanks to Jane, the breeder, for allowing us to freely "steal" all the pictures off Facebook:) he is 7 weeks here. He'll be 9 weeks when I bring him back.

I dug out the Sherpa bag that I brought Strafe home in. Hard to believe he used to fit!

And I got a new point and shoot camera to take on the trip with me (and because my old one was having a few issues that I don't think are worth paying to fix). First time out today, a small section of our field has finally melted! it is a mucky swampy mess but it's the first time we've been able to go in our own field to exercise in probably more than a month!

Main part of the field is still crunchy snow

yay we can RUN for the first time in FOREVER!

Strafe is a dork.

16 February 2014

Catching up.

Wow, so little posting. I've been keeping up on facebook. Traveling all over. More ice, more snow.

A couple days it was warm enough to hike.

But most days it hasn't been over freezing. I bought a treadmill.

Strafe is not a fan but he's learning.

I got stuck an extra night in Cleveland after teaching a seminar, due to snow.

Then I got stuck 2 extra nights in Florida because of snow at home. But at least the weather down there was nice. Strafe and I had fun attending a seminar instead of teaching one for a change.

When I got home from Florida, this had come in the mail.

and I looked at the calendar. Holy crap!! I leave for my Crufts/puppy retrieval trip in just over 2 weeks! I can't believe it!

Puppies are 6 weeks old now, getting close to knowing which one will be mine. That hasn't wholly sunk in yet either.

Kiba continues to run *really* well in local AKC trials, she already has 4 QQ's and 10 total single Q's for 2014. I am not planning to run her in Reno at AKC Nationals next year, but boy do I wish the event was close enough to take her because she is trying really hard to qualify!

Strafe has been running well handling-wise but still hitting the odd bar at trials. The spacing and course design at AKC is just not his favorite.

Here is a highlight video of our fun times at the OneMindDogs seminar with Jaakko and Janita in FL

and here is a link to my YouTube account with longer, less edited videos of the courses we ran.