27 January 2014


Crufts and AKC Nationals are coming up fast and I'm getting frustrated because it's hard to keep my dogs in shape when it keeps being significantly below freezing outside, and snowing. Last week before I left for Ohio to teach, it snowed about a foot of snow. It hardly got above freezing while I was gone so the snow is still here today when I got home. And while today started out a bit warmer, now the arctic blast is returning for 2 more days. Maryland is really not supposed to be like this!

Really hoping my plans to stay in Georgia for 2 months next winter will pan out. It is almost always above freezing during the day down there, which means going for daily walks will be so much more manageable!

1 comment:

Morgan said...

Be glad you aren't in Georgia right now! The state is a mess thanks to this weird weather.