06 January 2014

I might be a little bit crazy

For over a year I have been planning my next dog. I helped plan Jiggy's litter (Strafe's mother) by helping look for studs, and am in pretty regular contact with the breeder. But then I thought that is probably too early, so I shifted my sight to next year instead. But then just recently I thought "well, but maybe this IS the one for me", and a crazy thing happened, I agreed to take a boy puppy. So in March I will be bringing home Strafe's little half-brother from Denmark. Of course I don't know which one yet, they are only 2 days old right now, but i know he will be brilliant, and smooth-coated. I believe I have a pretty good attitude of not expecting this to be Strafe's clone, but because I like Strafe so much, the way he learns and thinks and is just so reliable, I am of course going to try to take one that as similar as possible. I know he will be different in some ways, and that's fine too - I certainly don't want to be bored by repetition either!

Also, mostly for myself, I made a cute little video summing up 2013. It is not as fancy as some people's videos, but I am coming to enjoy having these little musical visual memories that I can look back on and enjoy over and over. I tried to get a little bit of each of our experiences in here, the big events but also the small ones of hiking and hanging out.

2013 from Rosanne DeMascio on Vimeo.

Also, I went to a wedding. without any of my dogs. That was a bit strange, I haven't left the house without a dog in a long time, but I actually had fun, it was a nice small affair with a great group of people.

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