30 January 2014

I don't care

I don't care how many negative people there on Facebook, I am *excited* for AKC Nationals.

Challenger Round 2013
I don't care if I have to pay to get into the parking lot. It won't be the first time (or the last).

Time 2 Beat 2013
I don't care if there are 1640 dogs entered. More competition, more excitement.

Jumpers 2010

I don't care if I only get 1 run per day per dog. I can watch and hang out with people I don't see very often.
Victory Lap 2011
I love big events! And AKC Nationals is always one of the most organized and well-run agility competitions I can attend.

Standard 2009
Sure it isn't 100% perfect. But if you don't like how many people entered, you would have to make it harder to qualify. I don't want that; I do think the average competitor should at least have the ability to qualify if they try! As for 1 run per day, and the event being long - sorry but I don't think 4 days is that bad, and we usually only get 1 or 2 runs per day at every big event anyway. I don't mind.

I am *excited* for AKC Nationals. I only wish our stupid polar vortex cold weather would go away so I could keep my dogs and myself fitter for it!


Chris said...

Well said! I am (as usual) ignoring the negatives. People are also nervous before they get there. I am EXCITED!

sarah said...

Yes, well said! Thanks for a terrific post.