16 January 2014


Strafe and I are going to Crufts in March!

We are actually going to combine the trip with going to Denmark and Jane will get to meet Strafe, and then we will bring the puppy home afterwards.

Speaking of puppies...

They are HUGE, not quite 2 weeks old, some eyes are opening. The boys are the tricolor and the 2 darker non-white-factored ones. So cute!

We've been hiking, and playing a lot, but this weekend we finally have our first AKC trial since early October, our first agility trial since November 23rd weekend! Yay, Agility!

Here's some pics from the last couple weeks, mostly from my phone.

We had a really cold bit last week, these were taken in the 2 days after the intense cold, when the creek was slowly thawing.

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Tori Self said...

Congratulations on Crufts!! Can't wait to hear how you guys do -- congrats on the pup, too. :)