13 December 2013

I went south. Then I came back north. I want to go back south now.

I had originally planned to take the month of December off of EVERYTHING including teaching, but someone in VA who does not have great access to good training bugged me to come down and do a day or two of privates for them down by Richmond. So I finally agreed to do that December 3rd and 4th and figured after that I'd be finished.

hiking in VA

Then someone 2 hours away really wanted me back for privates too...
then I found out that a trainer who I'm pretty good friends with would be teaching seminars in GA at the lovely place where I stayed back in October before Cynosport, so I ended up sort of inviting myself down to hang out with them for a few days after I was done in North Carolina. Not having a teaching obligation while down there, I considered it to be my "dogs along with me" vacation of sorts. The weather wasn't the absolute best, but it wasn't awful either. Around 45 to 50F each day with rain on and off, but meanwhile at home in Maryland it SNOWED 6-8" of snow, melted a bit, then snowed some more. So by the time I got back yesterday it is COLD and there is nasty crunchy snow on the ground. So yeah. I miss Georgia now. I'm not one to really enjoy hot weather, so I really would not enjoy living down there in the summer very much, but I could see myself living down there in the winter for a while. And I may get a chance to say down there for a few weeks next winter... if you are located near northern GA and would like me to teach a seminar next winter (probably late Jan or sometime in Feb) let me know (this would be 2015). Nothing firmed up, just a fun thought.

no snow down here!
And then I came home and saw Drifter limping because the crunchy cold snow hurts his arthritic toes and thought "sheesh, I obviously need to bring ALL my dogs if I go that long" and that thought was followed by "oh my, I may need to get a bigger car".

The dogs are saying "WTF is this cold white crunchy crap?"
 My little Hyundai wagon has served me super well and is only 2 years old, but if I am going to be traveling with my entire clan (which is currently 4 dogs, and may be 5 dogs soon), I may need to go back to a minivan. I also admit, I switched to the car for both efficiency and comfort reasons. I do get better mpg which is great, but I also thought driving the lower car would be more comfortable on my bad shoulder and slightly wrecked various body parts, and it really hasn't seemed to be any different. So I may be switching back to the larger car sometime in the next year. Then I can get all of my dogs into Ruff Tough Kennels, not just 2 or 3, and have lots of cargo space besides.

my car, brand new, when I got it 2 years ago. has a few crate scratches here and there now ;)

Intermediate and Small Ruff Tough Kennels. Now it has a Large and Intermediate.

Edited to add: because I added teaching in at the beginning of Dec and Strafe did some agility for fun at the seminar in GA, I decided to take New Year's Weekend off. This was a hard decision because there are 2 AKC and 1 USDAA Trial all on soccer turf within a reasonable distance of me on that weekend. But I really wanted at LEAST 4 full weeks off of EVERYTHING other than walks and tricks and playing. So we don't have any trials till at least January 18th now.


onlyonewoof said...

If you do think of selling your car, I know a friend (VMD/PhD student) who does agility and is looking for a lightly used station wagon/small SUV style vehicle to replace her 12 yo Forester.

Rosanne said...

I actually WAS thinking I might try selling it to a dog person first. It's a really great little car, gets 30+mpg on the highway all the time AND comfortably fits 3 medium size crates as long as they aren't too wide - it's very comparable to a Forrester just without the height element. I may post it on Facebook if I make a decision soon, probably would try to sell for around $12-13K, it's a 2012 with 40K miles on it. No problems.