28 November 2013

rain. cold. pictures. puppy.

The last two days were rainy and cold. We cancelled classes in case the roads got bad and because teaching in the cold damp the day before a holiday is just unpleasant.

Today was clear of rain but very cold. No one cooked here; we went out for dinner, which was fine. I'm not much of a holiday celebrater. Well, not much of a celebratory person in general. Holidays just are, for me. I know that seems like no fun, but it's just how I am, doesn't bother me.

Got the dogs out for several short walks and runs today (short due to the cold and wind) and we played in the agility ring with wrapping some jump wings and playing on the low see-saw and a couple dogwalks, just to get some good fun exercise in because.... tomorrow we are driving up to New York to pick up my mother's new puppy who is flying in from Poland. Someone is bringing her in cabin so we are meeting them at the airport to pick her up. Going to be a long afternoon/evening; we live 2.5 to 3 hours from that airport, I can only hope that Black Friday will attract people to the stores for mob shopping rather than traveling the highways too much.

Got my pictures from Cynosport. Here's a quick selection. The rest are on my FB page.

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