03 November 2013


Weekend off, that was nice. Yesterday I drove a rescue papillon to the airport so he could hitch a ride north. Arranged by my mother but she wasn't home that day so I got the driving duty. Was fun to see the small plane come in, and happy the tiny little dude is getting fixed up. That was the extent of my "work" for the weekend though. I haven't even finished all my laundry from Cynosport yet. Yep. Lazy. A 2 week trip up and down the eastern seaboard wears me out mentally. Although I really should finish my laundry...

I also managed to lose Strafe's brand new blue height card for USDAA. How, I have no idea, but I received it right before leaving for my trip, so there's the off chance it somehow got lost in a trash or recycle pile while I was gone, or fell off a table somewhere, or something. I wish they worked like AKC and just had new ones on site to use :( So I have printed our USDAA info for temporary use this weekend, since Strafe is now 3 years old and needs to be measured again. We are running some Advanced classes this weekend, if we qualify in literally everything we will finish our AAD title but I'm not counting on it. I'd really like to get some 2014 Tournament Q's out of the way. This trial has everything except Team. This is actually Strafe's FIRST trial running at 22". My reasons for dropping him are several: I feel that now he is 3 I have a handle on his jumping talent, which is pretty good, and I think he can go back and forth between 22 in USDAA and 26 in AKC fairly easily, and since 22 will be easier on his body and I have no interest in doing IFCS, that is what he will jump from now in USDAA. I also happen to really enjoy being in the biggest height class; I like the competition. And while in several classes at Cynosport this year, the 26" winning time was actually faster than the 22" winning time, the 22" is still the biggest class by far and generally has the largest amount of competitive dogs. I'd like to run Strafe there. I also admit that several dogs who can beat us in 26" are significantly larger than Strafe, so I'd like to lose that disadvantage ;)  26" is a big jump for Strafe, who measures 20.25 to 20.5" depending on how he stands, and he usually slouches which makes him look more like 20".

So this week we are back to normal; classes, a private or two, back to hiking in the cool fall weather. And it is finally cool like fall, after several weird days of warmth.

I like to bring 2 dogs, it's easier to walk them on leash and I like to think it makes them feel a bit more special to get more individual time with me :)

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onlyonewoof said...

I was like, phew, at least Obi doesn't have to run against Strafe yet, b/c I don't plan on moving her up to 26" for a couple of months. And then I'm like...or not. Haha. This is her first real trial; we did 2 runs at a UKI trial and two Intro runs. I put her in GP (and Starters) b/c we're only there Sunday, and I'll be surprised if she runs GP clean anyways. She certainly is capable of running clean at that level, but she still makes baby dog mistakes sometimes. And she is much faster than Mer, which I am still getting used to!! BTW, Mer says she can't wait for your new building to be finished, so we can finally start taking classes again :-)