10 November 2013

Kiba Cynosport 2013 from Rosanne DeMascio on Vimeo.

Kiba's Cynosport video above. Please watch it :) This was Kiba's last trip to USDAA Nationals and we had a great time. I will miss running her at that event next year. She still has at least one big event left to run - AKC Nationals in Harrisburg this spring - so this isn't a true retirement video. But it's definitely a bit of a mile marker on her journey towards retirement. I was really pleased with how she held up physically during this event, considering the arthritis in her front feet. So I've been sort of entertaining the idea of attending the UKI US Open next year and seeing if I can get Kiba to measure into 16" for that. Haven't made any decisions there.

This weekend I went to a USDAA trial. I ran Strafe in 22" for the first time, and he LOVED it. He also is measuring smaller than ever before, both days around 20" tall. I am now thinking when he gets older it won't be too hard for me to get him to measure into the 525mm class for WAO if I just teach him to relax under the wicket a bit.... interesting, as all of his 2 year old measurements were between 20.25" and 20.75". Sloucher!
I ran Strafe in 5 Advanced titling classes and he qualified in all of them. This means we have fulfilled all the requirements for his AAD title EXCEPT that you have to have 3 judges, not 2. So he has his Advanced Standard title, but not his AAD until we get one leg of any kind under a 3rd judge. RIDICULOUS rule, if you ask me, and seems designed to keep well-prepared dogs from completing the title in 2 weekends. I have no idea why this made sense to whoever made this rule. It's just plain stupid. Anyway. I also ran Strafe in both Masters Challenge classes, plus Steeplechase and Grand Prix. He won GP, Steeplechase Finals, and MC Jumpers. We had a pretty dumb off course in MC Standard so no Q there. But overall 9 Q's out of 10 runs this weekend, what an amazing young man he is!

Seri came along this weekend to stay out of trouble and I entered her in P3 Jumpers on each day. She probably won't ever be allowed to do weaves or contacts at a trial again due her chronic injury issues and complete and utter disregard for her own body, but I think she can handle running around over 16" jumps pretty well. Saturday someone filmed me, and below is the video (sound warning: she's loud), and on Sunday we actually qualified (no video)!

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