19 November 2013


I was off in sunny, warm Colorado teaching this past weekend (yes, really, it was sunny and warm on Friday/Saturday, a bit colder Sunday but not bad). I taught at the same facility 2 years ago and was happy to go back; it's a nice heated agricultural arena, and a good group of people too. I was actually part of a 2-instructor weekend, I guess you could call it a mini-camp of sorts although people could sign up for whatever sessions they wanted, it wasn't a package deal.

This photo amused me, taken by an auditor.

pic by Katie Pladsen
And it occurred to me that I forgot to post Strafe's Cynosport video here on the blog:

Strafe Cynosport 2013 from Rosanne DeMascio on Vimeo.

And then also there's Strafe's winning Grand Prix run from the other weekend at High Octane.

We are off to the same facility (Orchard Hills, in Barto PA) this weekend for another USDAA trial, this time only Tournament classes. Crossing my fingers to finish up all of our qualifications we need for Cynosport 2014; would be nice to get those out of the way early.

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