06 October 2013

6th and Final

It's official, Kiba is qualified for AKC Nationals 2014! It was more of a struggle this year than any year prior due to her slowly worsening early takeoff issue, and there were several times this year I thought for sure she wasn't going to make it. We learned she has arthritis in her front feet. I have had to learn new "rules" for running her, taught her some new verbals, and we run a bit more "on edge" than we ever used to do. But she ran fabulously this weekend, going 3 for 4 and getting that last QQ for Nationals! I'm so happy she got it, she deserves to play this last time. It is her 6th time qualifying for and attending AKC Nationals, she came from Open to qualify faster than Drifter back in 2008 when I decided to go to Charlotte in 2009, and she's Q'ed every year since, making the Finals twice and Challenger Round once, winning quite a few individual classes along the way. This year at local trials she's got 21 Q's, ALL are 1st place runs, in 16" classes that are almost always large enough to warrant their own walk-through (and once in a while a split walk!)

Strafe of course was also awesome this weekend. I worked all my contacts a bit to prep for Cynosports (this is our last trial beforehand), and he hit one bar Saturday and so I skipped JWW that day due to the crazy unseasonal heat, but today he got his 15th QQ, I'd brag that he won both classes but truthfully he was the only dog in 26" at this particular trial ;)

Now I have a few more days before my crazy October really gets going. Friday to Monday trip to Canada to teach and back, then next Wed I leave for Cynosports - I'm teaching in Raleigh and Atlanta beforehand, so I'm gone almost 2 weeks. Coming up so quickly!

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