22 September 2013

Taking it pretty easy this week. Taught class, did my online work, had this weekend off so I caught up with a few videos i had to make and today I took Strafe and Kiba for a walk in the beautiful weather. I LOVE fall, my favorite season. Cooler weather is such a relief after our hot, humid, and entirely unpredictable summer. This weekend was perfect, cool nights and days that were only just warm enough to wear a t-shirt.

And sometimes my Droid decides to capture a really great picture.

We have all been lazy bums about hiking since returning from the EO. I hate getting all sweaty by hiking in the summer, and our nearest park can be busy when the weather is nice so we have to stay on leash. So we've just been doing laps around our field at home instead. Trying to get back out there so we get more hills in and are not out of shape for USDAA Nationals in October!

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