22 August 2013


A few months, I noticed that after dinner each night, Kiba was obsessively licking her wrists and upper feet. I thought this was odd, but then Kiba is odd, and has many little obsessive habits, so I didn't think more of it. A few months ago, she came up lame in the front on a wrist/upper foot strain. And now Kiba started limping last week. Same place on her foot/wrist. A week later, after a chiropractic adjustment, she's better but still not right. I can see her standing with her foot shifted a little so there's less weight on that toe. The chiro (also a vet) said the upper part of the foot looked swollen, and I had to agree. So Kiba is going into my regular vet on Monday to shoot some x-rays, hopefully to figure out what is going on. Whether is is an avulsion fracture, strain, or possibly arthritis. Her other foot which has not bothered her also looks a bit wider/flatter/swollen as well, which could just be age related but I will ask them to x-ray both if possible. My vet is usually pretty compliant about these things. Looking back, it is possible the licking was because the joints were sore.

So Kiba is not running at the trial this weekend or next, barring a vet diagnosis of "nothing, she's fine", although I probably would not believe that anyway. If the diagnosis is something that takes a long time to heal, then AKC Nationals is almost certainly off the table for us, as she still needs about 1/4 of her Q's/points and 2 QQ's left to gather. And I don't trial all that often. I was crossing my fingers for some good cues this weekend and next.

If it is arthritis, we will just have to see whether it can be managed. If she can't compete without pharmaceutical intervention, she will retire.

Strafe and I are trialing this weekend, Kiba will stay home with my mother. Cross your fingers for us on Monday, to receive some good news!

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