27 August 2013

Puppies Round 2

So after much internal debate and about 11 months of talking with the breeder about the upcoming litter, I have decided not to get a puppy from Strafe's mother this time around. Strafe is an amazing dog and I could not have asked for better, but I think the timing is just a little too soon, due this winter, and I have so much fun travel I am hoping to do next year. I'm a little concerned about not giving the pup enough time. And even though they will be over 3 years apart in age, I am also worried that they will compete for attention and for the same teams later on in life (OK, I realize that is totally a first world problem, having too many amazing dogs, but I'm being optimistic here) - I would not want to either postpone that dog's career, or retire Strafe from that sort of thing too early either.

Two other ideas I admit to tossing around are to keeping one of Strafe's pups when he is finally bred (probably this winter/spring), or getting an unrelated female pup with the future hopes of her being just the right  match for him down the line. I'm not sure which of those options I will go with. Or maybe I will try again for a sheltie - that thought has crossed my mind as well ;)

So, if you are looking for a great dog and live in Europe, or really want to go to Denmark and get one (if you're American that is not cheap), I definitely recommend this litter. Strafe is VERY MUCH like his mother in so many ways!

For more information go to Jane's website

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shattuckyachts said...

I wish I could get one of these pups!! I love all of Jiggy's puppies especially Strafe... and the daddy looks fabulous.