07 August 2013

EO Trip - Monday - Gent

Breaking this post in half by town.

So Monday we slept till "whenever" which ended up being around 7am or so. We had our last breakfast at our adorable and friendly but warm and uncomfortable hotel. Then we set off for Gent. It took us about 2 hours to get to Gent. The boys only slightly resented our suitcases taking up some of their huge amount of traveling space in the rental car.

When we got to Gent my GPS had its first massive failure (it had a few minor amusing ones) and took us right into the center of pedestrian town. SCARY! After a white-knuckle drive through town we managed to find a parking garage under a mall. Whew!

Several people told us Gent was a "must see". And there were certainly some great sights, but overall I was a bit disappointed with Gent. It was also in the throes of some festival. There were tents and urinals everywhere. So weird.


Courtyard of the Castle of the Counts. No dogs allowed, so we didn't get to go in.

hmm I may have accidentally driven through here ;)

Castle of the Counts, nice view of the tents.

Castle of the Counts, weird how it ended up right in the middle of town, bordering a canal on the back

The boys were fascinated by this guy paddling down the canal

Yup. Public urinals everywhere. I guess it prevents people from peeing on the street/walls. Yes, we did see a guy using one of them.

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