07 August 2013

EO Trip - Monday - Brugge

After we finished walking around Gent and managed to get out of the city immediately without accidentally bowling through pedestrians, we decided to make the trip up to Brugge, which was not too far away and farther up towards the coast of Belgium. I had never really heard of Brugge before, but several team members told us it was beautiful and worth seeing, so off we went!

This time Ashley got smart and used the GPS to locate a parking garage just outside of the main part of town, and we got there nice and easily without almost running over anyone! Hurray Timmy! (the name of my TomTom)

Everyone was right. Brugge was beautiful. And it had plenty of people sight seeing but yet still felt quiet and less crazy than many places we had been (at least until we got into the very center of town). I would have been happy to set up shop and live there!

Brugge (apparently pronounced "Broozh" if that makes sense;)

We contemplated doing a boat tour, but were a bit afraid that Psi would jump off the boat!

Weather was a good deal cooler on Monday so the dogs were much happier!

Brugge had LOTS of chocolate shops but by the time we got there I was all sugared out!

I love how the shadows and clouds came out in this picture!
After this we drove back to Brussels and checked into our hotel for the night. We had a bit of a scary moment when they tried to tell us they had changed our reservation to their other hotel in the middle of downtown but after some insisting that with our dogs and needing to get to the airport, we could not move, they finally got us a room. It was SO luxurious to have soft beds and air conditioning, we cranked it all the way down and after a quick dinner at the hotel restaurant, we passed out.

Tuesday morning we got up, packed up our stuff, and went to the airport. The car drop off, check in, and flight home all went uneventfully, and while my drive back from Ashley's house was a bit long due to traffic, it sure was nice to be home!

I've spent the last week just relaxing and enjoying. This weekend I am teaching again, back to work!

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