04 August 2013

EO Trip Day 5

Thursday was vet check, official on-site practice, and then opening ceremony.

Vet check went well, the vets declared the USA dogs to be in very good shape, and also very well behaved!

On site practice also went well. Strafe still had no problems with the slightly different equipment.

Strafe dressed up and waiting for opening ceremony in our crating stall. Photo by Tori Self!
Taken just before lining up for the opening ceremony

Opening ceremony was kind of crazy in that there were upwards of 700 dogs crammed into one large indoor arena, which was exciting, but it was thankfully short!

and then we all filed back out again to get back to the hotel, feed the dogs, and head out to dinner. It was so cool to go to dinner and know the dogs were always welcome with us! Sometimes I chose to leave him in the hotel if he was tired, and sometimes he came along and napped while I ate.

After which Strafe was seen by Ria once more, again proclaiming him to feel quite good, and we went to sleep, excited for the next day!

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