03 August 2013

EO Trip Day 4

Day 4 was Wednesday.
This was the beginning of our official activities. We mostly relaxed in the morning, I think I read for a couple hours, went for a quick walk. Nothing strenuous. The dogs' pads were a bit smoothed from walking on so much paving and cobblestones in the beautiful cities. Luckily they did not seem painful in any way, but I did want to keep an eye on them to make sure they weren't sore after practice (they weren't).

Mid-day we left for the off-site practice at a training center in Belgium. It was a really lovely training center, although we were all a bit confused as there seemed to be a lot of non-dog people, mostly looking like retirees, dressed in white, playing some sort of lawn games in the front of the building. In back though, were several large agility fields! So we practiced, running several courses and getting used to the different equipment like the big tire set low, and the see-saw with no visible pivot point, and the weird texture of the rubber dogwalk. Strafe handled it all like he'd done it before. I love how easily he generalizes things!

Strafe got looked at by our PT after training, who agreed with me that he was feeling quite good and this feet were fine. We took a big group picture, then we headed back to the hotel for a shower and a bit of rest before the big team dinner (which was at the hotel).

Over dinner we discussed how the next few days would work, regarding set up in the crating area, vet check, on-site practice, etc.

Dinners there can take quite a while. And the dinner at the hotel was delicious BUT.. they really take their time about stuff. At one point the head waitress/server said something like "if one person is still eating we cannot clear the plates from this round" and we were all a bit shocked, apparently there are a lot of rules that make dinner slower there. Up side is that by the time dessert arrives you are hungry again!

UPDATED: Some great pictures from the off-site practice from Carrie DeYoung! Thanks!

Me and a few teammates checking out one of the practice courses.
Strafe and I getting our groove on!

Amazed that I got that far ahead!

Strafe watches the other dogs intently
Relaxing at the snack bar afterwards!

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