15 August 2013

EO - a few last video links

Here is a training course from our off-site training on Wednesday.
I was skipping the dogwalk because it was not rubber, and Strafe being so young, he has almost zero experience with non-rubber contacts and I did not want to risk him hurting himself right before EO, since I knew EO would have rubber contacts :)

Here is our bad run from Team Agility.  My head and Strafe's head were both in the wrong place! This run was a disaster for us, but at least our contacts were good, right!? And it gave me fuel to come back with a vengeance afterwards.

Here is a comparison of my run versus the 3rd place run. You have to wait through part of an ad to watch it, but it's still very interesting. The 3rd place dog was ahead of me all the way up to the dogwalk, where Strafe's higher dogwalk speed allowed him to catch up, and then I had a slightly better turn from the tunnel to number 20 which put Strafe just slightly ahead at the end. Very close between all the top finishers, as this dog was 0.12 behind me, and I was only 0.072 behind 1st place! Thank goodness for electronic timers!!

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