19 July 2013


Yes, we leave TOMORROW.

Both of our suitcases are mostly packed now, just a couple of electronics and chargers left to throw in there.

I will have some internet access while in Europe, however, I am certain i will not get around to updating the blog till I return. If you'd like to keep tabs on me then Facebook is the way to go - I will try to post once a day or so, and will definitely put our run results up there. Videos and photos will have to wait till I return since I am not bringing my laptop, and uploading via phone will eat up all my data coverage!

Photo by Carrie DeYoung
The heat here has been terrible all week and it's only getting worse. It is only 7:30am and it's already 83F and "feels like" 93F due to the extreme humidity. Strafe and I are both excited for the Belgian weather, where it is predicted to be about 80F as a high and a lovely cool 55F or so at night. Ahhhhh, we can have windows cracked and everything!

Photo by Kathleen Oswald
Today we went for a short walk at 6am. Around mid-day we will go to the local creek swimming hole and play for a bit, and when we return Strafe will get a bath and a brushing. Toenails will get clipped. Thanks to a friend, his feet are perfectly trimmed up already.

Final preparations are under way!

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onlyonewoof said...

Ha, too impatient to wait for you to update. Congrats to you and Strafe! You are an amazing team, truly inspiring (and beautiful to watch). Someday, maybe, my dogs and I will be half as good a team as you two are. Hats off.