14 July 2013


Strafe's foot looks completely healed and his shoulders have been stretching out really well too, so Friday after the trial (that he is not entered in) I went out and did a little bit of weaves, jumping, and see-saws. Well, just to keep me on my toes, Strafe slid off the see-saw sideways. Seriously!? It didn't look bad but yesterday I went to take him for our morning walk and he was every so slightly lame in the rear. I rested him and checked out him out (stretch/massage/check range of motion) and didn't find much - what I do find is a small scratch by his one hock, and what I think is a bruise on his inner thigh; a little bit of swelling and it looks a little darker than usual. Today his limp is gone and he is stretching out really well now, so I'm going with the bruise theory till he sees Ria on Tues or Wed to get checked out. Time to whip out the bubble wrap! No more agility training till we get to Belgium! I will probably do a few sets of weaves and a few jumps sometime next Thurs or Fri, nothing dangerous; the rest of our time will be nice easy walks and swimming.

Tomorrow is our vet appointment to get our paperwork for entry into Belgium. I have to then send it down to the government office for approval. The trip is feeling "real" now, kind of crazy how being so busy makes it come up so quickly for me! 

This weekend I was at an AKC trial with Kiba, she qualified in one run each day, so no QQ's for us, but we are significantly past halfway on the 500 points necessary to qualify for Nationals, so there's that, I guess. Still encountering a few quirks as I learn how to run her with her vision issue, but we are getting better, I think. She only hit 1 bar all weekend, which is good.

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