11 July 2013


yeah, my life basically does revolve around this dog.

His foot is almost completely healed, I'm so relieved! He's been off pain/anti-inflammatory meds since Wed and I haven't done anything at all to it since then, and it looks great. Today we got brave and went for a 1 hour hike that involved about 15 minutes of walking on gravel - he did great, no limping or head bobbing or caution of any kind. Hurray!

Pic by Kelly Muller! from the Regional last month

And because I wanted to, I made a long, somewhat sappy (for me) video about Strafe, and our journey from puppy to AKC EO Team Member. Our uniform came in the mail yesterday!

Strafe; Journey to EO from Rosanne DeMascio on Vimeo.

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Tori Self said...

Love the video, and great to hear Strafe is feeling better!! See you guys soon. :)