06 July 2013


Well Kiba picked up some more points this weekend, going 2 for 4, no QQ's. I am still not 100% sure about her consistency regarding AKC Nationals, she may or may not be able to qualify. Her good runs were fabulous and left me exhausted from chattering at her, she needs a lot more verbal assistance now. Her bad runs weren't "bad runs" per se, she just hit a bar in each, but it was what I would have thought was an "easy" bar. The courses were pretty tight, so I am wondering if having the next jump coming up already inside her comfortable visual zone might have made it harder to judge the jumps... who knows. She's also been a bit naughty on her dogwalk contacts lately, I foresee some practice on that when I return from EO.

Poor Strafe had to sit this weekend out. He is probably OK to run but with EO coming up so quickly I saw no point in risking his injured foot or the shoulder that was tight (but is now doing SO MUCH better). He got worked on by one of our PT's, a little bit both days, and his foot seems to be healing quickly now. I don't feel bad about not running him though - the courses were tight and NOTHING like what we will see at the EO. No big loss, except we'll still have a lot of AKC Q's to collect after we return.

We have been practicing a little bit on our weaves and a single jump, every few days or so. I want to make sure his muscles stay adapted to the motions involved in the obstacles, and I actually use a jump or two as "gymnastics" sort of strengthening. He probably won't run a course until I know his foot is all healed, so at least another week. But we can still stay in shape! and I have been playing around with proofing his poles, he is really fabulous on those now, I can do almost anything (even tried cutting through the middle of them today, he stayed in).

I decided to skip the trial tomorrow. It is a holiday weekend so traffic will be at its worst tomorrow afternoon. And it is hot. We will go to the swimming hole and play instead.

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