18 July 2013

Last course before EO

Set this course up last night and it was so hot this morning that we already went out and trained on it by 8:30 this morning. Ridiculous heat we've been having all week - really looking forward to escaping to Belgium ;)

As planned, Strafe and I ran it clean on the first try. Then I went back and did a few aframes "into nothing" for a frisbee, and changed a couple pieces of the course and ran them as a short alternate segment, including turning both ways on 18, adding the backside of 17 between 6 and 7, pulling to 16 versus pushing around it with a blind, and changing 12 and 13 both to the backsides of the jumps. Strafe handled everything I threw at him, including nailing his weave entries in both directions on the first try (not really a surprise;)

Tomorrow or Saturday I may dig out the old obedience broad  jump because he needs to see a variety on that, rather than assuming they are all tall and striped like our USDAA one. Aside from that we are finished training. He looks and feels great. I believe Ria's comment when she looked him over yesterday was "I wish all my clients felt like this!"

Strafe's suitcase is mostly packed - mine is not. We leave SATURDAY, so soon!

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