01 July 2013


We are actually living at home for the next 3 weeks, no flying on planes, no driving out of town, hurray! I enjoy traveling but boy, June just sort of ran away with me! This past weekend I was down in Raleigh, NC, teaching. I got to stay with a friend for this one which was more relaxing than rental cars and hotel rooms, but it's still nice to be home. Even if we do seem to have magically relocated to a swamp-slash-rainforest zone of some sort. (rain. all it does is rain.)

Photo of the teams at Practice stolen from Team USA's Facebook page!
Practice certainly was a ton of fun, but Strafe whacked his foot going into the chute barrel on Sunday, and after coming home and spending a week on partial rest (no agility, basically) he still has a bit of swelling in an odd spot - the webbing between two of his toes. The toes themselves seem fine, no pain response at all, but we are still icing and lasering the sore spot. The swelling seems to be smaller after a week so we will continue as is for another few days and see how it goes. I already decided not to run him in the AKC trials the next 2 weekends. Instead we will go for walks up and down hills, work on his core and other targeted strengthening exercises, and swim, swim, swim!

Less than three weeks till we depart for Belgium!

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