31 July 2013

EO Trip Day 1

We left for Brussels on Saturday the 20th of July, and landed on Sunday morning. The flight was uneventful, as was customs. We grabbed some breakfast, got the rental car (a bit of a process but worked out OK), and headed out of town to our hotel. Our hotel was in the very edge of the Netherlands, located just over an hour or so from Brussels and only about 15 minutes driving from the site, De Warre equestrian center. The hotel was kind enough to let us check in early, at around 11am, for which we were very thankful! I don't sleep well on planes, and had only gotten about 45minutes of spotty napping on the flight.

View of the inner courtyard of the hotel from our room

adorable bathroom, lots of neat sloped roof rooms at the hotel
After checking in we went for a little walk around Roosteren, the town the hotel was located in. It's just a cute little town, pretty quiet. After work hours there are lots of people taking the family dog for a walk, so we all felt pretty at home walking our dogs on the streets every day.

Walking in Roosteren:

Our traveling companions, Ashley and Psi, waiting for me to finish taking pictures ;)

Strafe also waiting for me to finish taking pictures!

After our little walk around town we went back into the hotel and "sat down for a minute" which then turned into a 2 hour nap. Which we needed. After that we made ourselves wake up and get back out to sight see for the afternoon. We decided to take a quick trip over to Cologne (also known as Koln - sorry, I do not have an umlaut on my keyboard!) in Germany. The Koln Dom, or Cologne Cathedral, is a huge, stylish, imposing, and amazingly detailed church. Koln was amazingly easy to drive into, and we parked at a parking garage that just happened to exit right into the square in front of the church, so we walked up stairs to an amazing first view.

And promptly took a picture of our dogs in front of it.

There were skateboarders.

And a guy levitating..

But Psi was not impressed with any of it.

Strafe didn't care about the amazing architecture

The fountain water, on the other hand, was fascinating!
Our first view of the Rhine River 

Walking around town

The cathedral from "below"

Strafe was a bit worried about the random bagpipe player along the Rhine!

A train station
After we finished our circuit around the Dom and down to the Rhine and back, we got back in our car and drove back "home" to the Roosterhoeve, and slept.

At this point I'd like to note that the Roosterhoeve is an adorable, friendly, and wonderful hotel. However, like most country hotels in that part of Europe, there is no air conditioning, and not all the windows have screens in them. It was quite hot most of the week, and despite a desk type fan, the room got very hot during the day, and so several nights we were all a bit too hot to be comfortable. I don't recall Sunday night being particularly hot, but we were pretty tired so perhaps didn't notice! The lack of screen on half the window also meant I came home with bug bites on my feet, a very inconvenient place to have them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE traveling in Europe and would move there in a heartbeat if it were easily possible, but the lack of AC and bugs in my bedroom are not something I particularly enjoy ;)

The beds were also unfortunately hard and uncomfortable, and my back was aching pretty badly most of the week. It felt very good to sleep at home last night! I would do it all over again, for sure, but I do sometimes miss the comforts of home!

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Sarah Duke said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. Really cool cathedral!! And congrats again on your competition results, Strafe looks great.