03 July 2013

Another souvenir from Practice

We went to see the vet this morning to check on Strafe's foot, which got caught on the chute barrel at Practice about 10 days ago. I was not happy at the lack of complete healing by now. The vet said it looked a little ulcerated and sore, like he had been licking it. No sign of any puncture or foreign body, and it is not currently infected either. So Strafe is on painkillers/anti-inflammatory meds for about a week, and we have a medicated foot soak to do every day to help it dry out and prevent infection as well. Since he's already been tolerating soaks in epsom salts and ice, Strafe has gotten pretty good at dealing with the bucket. (the first few days he was a weenie, curling on my lap and refusing to look at it while I dangled his foot in! LOL!)

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