24 June 2013

Team Practice

Had a great time at Team Practice. Strafe and I had a lot of really great runs, and we are still feeling really meshed together. The only downside was that his right shoulder was bothering him. Thanks to the great massage person on site he did loosen up over the weekend, but I am going to skip the AKC trials in July in favor of a short break from agility, some PT visits, and stronger conditioning. Then a couple weeks before we leave we'll run a few courses here and there to prepare. Strafe and I are both pretty good together and confident in our handling and obstacle performance, so I don't think a few weeks break from training will hurt us.

After practice Ashley and I drove down to San Francisco, we had a few hours to kill before our flights home from SFO but unfortunately the fog prevented us from seeing the main sight we wanted to see!

But at least we drove across it, I guess. I saw it from the airplane last year, still a better view than I got while crossing it in this fog!

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