10 June 2013


Yep, I got some sun in California, but isn't that what you're supposed to do? Really nice weather all 3 days of the seminar in Santa Ynez. Strafe and I didn't feel sad at all about missing the 4" of rain and gloom at home! Of course now I'm home and it's still gloomy and rainy anyway, but at least we got away from it for a bit! I have no idea what the weather is going to be for our Regional this coming weekend, I've been a little bit afraid to look. We're indoors but if it's hot it's hot... I'd rather it be cool and a bit rainy than hot and sunny for the dogs, since hot usually also involves high humidity.

Here are a couple of pictures taken by our seminar host Karen. Strafe had a great time coming along and assisting me, and gained some new fans for his fan club as well!

Strafe helping me explain a concept

Foundation demo - driving around a wing

Strafe hangs out in there with the door open all day while I teach

Demo for the Novice group, how to shape a turn

and OF COURSE we took the Danish dog into the Danish town for a couple of photo ops!


Diane Saunders Mead said...

Thanks for the great seminar- much fun and learning. Strafe is a very nice boy, and it was a pleasure to see you two together. :) Diane w/Cap

Tim Buck said...

Thank you, Strafe, for showing me around the course. So glad you can read numbers. :) - Tim