19 June 2013

Regional Wrap up

Well we did great at the Regional! 

Strafe was top 26" individual dog in Team classes, he won both Masters Challenge classes (by about 2 seconds each!) which also won us the Biathlon, and he won both Grand Prix and Steeplechase Regional Finals. Yep, a good weekend for sure!

Kiba also did great, she was running really well and told me very definitively that she wants to go to USDAA Nationals this year! She was top PVP dog overall, won the Performance Grand Prix Final, and made the PSJ Final but went off course when I didn't help her come through a gap; she'd been running so well I plain forgot she needed help with that sort of thing!

Now I am packing up and getting ready for our next adventure, AKC Team Practice in California. Strafe and I fly out tomorrow evening to San Francisco and travel up to Sacramento area on Friday. Looking forward to it!

ETA: aren't they adorable? Even if they don't always fully cooperate!

Missing: Strafe's 2 Semi-final Bye ribbons and his Biathlon Champion ribbon

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