03 June 2013

June already?

The dogs and I enjoyed our weekend off. We did some walking, some swimming, and a lot of lying about and relaxing.

I did NOT pose this photo! They lined up waiting for me!

It was very hot, so Seri and Strafe also got to go swimming a few times. Our pool cover came off over the winter and it got very green and nasty, so we drove 15minutes to our indoor, where the owner has made a lovely swimming hole in the creek, perfect for dog exercise! And she is so nice that she allows me to come and use it whenever it is hot outside, even when we are not renting the indoor!
bad cell phone picture, but that's not a fish, it's Strafe ;)

And walks around the field, which we do every day, usually several times a day. The girls really want to "hunt" groundhogs but I call them away as the stupid things can be kind of aggressive when cornered.

I smell it! I smell it!

Drifter was actually around for both the top and bottom pictures above, he just is a little too independent to participate in the natural "group shots" that the other 3 seem to come up with on their own.

In other news, I am in the process of getting Strafe's pet passport updated so he will be good to go for our trip to Belgium, which is SEVEN WEEKS away!!! And practice is only 3 weeks away! This coming weekend I'm teaching in CA, then I have the local USDAA Regional, then AKC Team practice immediately after. We are going to be busy bees! I am working on both putting weight on Strafe (he got skinny when the antibiotics made him feel ill the other week) and building muscle at the same time. So basically I'm just shoveling a lot of food into him!

It kind of struck me today when I went back to my old vet to get Strafe's puppy vaccines put on his paperwork, they haven't seen him since he was 4 months old and it was only 2.5 years ago, I can't believe that little puppy is already on the AKC Team this year...

Now he's a handsome, talented young man!

I think his tan points actually got darker as he aged!
He grew up really quickly, just an early maturing young man. I hope his future potential half-sibling is at least a little bit like him!

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