12 May 2013

Teams 'n stuff

the 2013 WAO kicks off next weekend.

It is the 3rd year for the event, and the first year I won't be attending. I was not chosen this year, not even for alternate. My dog is young, so not a big deal, but I will miss going. It is a fun event, even if it is not as big as EO or AWC. And I won't be going next year either, since WAO Team is now required to attend the UKI event in order to qualify.

 I have enough trouble budgeting my time to qualify for both USDAA and AKC - I'm not willing to give up either of those to add UKI to the mix, so I will be sticking with EO and AWC tryouts. I'm very happy to now have a dog who can run successfully at 26"! It opens up the possibility of trying out for pretty much any team that I like. And so I will stick with EO - I have never gone, and I'm really looking forward to it. But I have been forgetting - if AWC had been in Europe this year I would have tried out for it - Strafe was qualified to do so. And we would have won a spot, easily, according to our results at Tryouts. So I can pretend we won a spot on AWC this year even though we didn't (because I didn't apply) so that is a huge accomplishment, even if it is somewhat imaginary :)

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