16 May 2013

(shamelessly stolen from AKC's Facebook page)
The rest of the EO Teams were announced today - it's a pretty good team, I think this will be our best showing yet at the event! So glad that so many great handlers and dogs applied!

I have booked my flights to Team Practice! So excited about that, although I'm a little sad I don't get to fly in early enough to sight see in San Francisco... another time, maybe!

Strafe's face is healing really quickly now and doesn't seem to bother him anymore, although I am too afraid of germs to take him swimming in the creek for a while, which is a shame because the weather is so nice and warm today!

While I admit I was admiring some nice shelties at Tryouts, I have decided that I am going back to Denmark for my next puppy! Strafe's mother is being bred again in the fall, and since Jane and I have very similar taste in dogs, I can't turn down this opportunity to bring another fabulous puppy back to the USA!


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Shawn Cossart said...

Any chance you could bring me one too... I'd pay for some of your expenses :)