11 May 2013

random stuff

I entered a local AKC trial this weekend, basically because it is the absolute closest trial to my house. It's alos the only outdoor trial I ever enter. We have so much indoor agility available here, I just don't usually need to chance the weather. It was a bit rainy last night but was clear this morning so I did go to the trial, Strafe's first run in Standard was gorgeous; I held his dogwalk and see-saw contacts which he did without question, and his jumping was nice. But when I ran Jumpers he hit a bar fairly early in, I stopped and said "hey!" to him, we continued on, and near the end of the course he hit another, so I stopped and walked off. I think his pelvis was a bit out, I'll stretch him out and see how he looks in the morning. It also may rain a lot more this afternoon and overnight, and if I think the footing will be compromised I won't run him. It isn't worth the risk! But we do need Q's in AKC, so I'd rather not waste our time and money by not going.

It is a whole new experience for me thinking about planning a trip that will be paid for by an organization, but I can't say I dislike it! I am really looking forward to going to Team Practice in June!

My new course at Agility U starts on Monday. It will be a new and more difficult experience for me than teaching blinds - not because I'm in any way uncomfortable teaching the material, but because it may be more difficult to teach people to "dance" in a long-distance fashion. But I'll sure give it a try! I hope it proves valuable for everyone who signed up. Now that the European type maneuvers are gaining popularity, I see quite a few people mis- or over-using them, on regular turns, where they would really be better served by simply tossing the dog over the jump and running off. So we will do a lot of discussion about when, where, and why to use the different techniques.

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