24 May 2013

Random stuff interspersed with random pictures.

Spent all day yesterday hiking, lunching, and hanging out with a friend. Strafe, Kiba, and Seri all got to come along. She lives 2 hours away so we were basically away all day, but the dogs didn't seem to mind. They love visiting with friends and going for a nice long hike with them. I could tell Seri was tired after 2 and 1/2 hours of walking but she really needs to get in shape slowly, so her muscles can build up before we stress the ligaments too strongly. She has her nice custom carpal support now but when I let her run hard the other day she was still a bit sore afterwards so I am going to make a bit more effort to build all her muscles up slowly first, before letting her really run hard again.

I got my pictures from Tryouts! I'm so glad there was a good photographer there this year, who ran a deal on buying all your pictures for a reasonable price!

This weekend we are back to the "daily grind" of local AKC trials again. It is actually Kiba's first trial since AKC Nationals more than 2 months ago, so I am eager to see how she does. She hit a few bars in training over the weekend but AKC courses are usually not too difficult for her, so I am remaining hopeful that she can qualify for Nationals next year. We'll give it a shot, anyway! Strafe also needs a bunch of Q's still, so we're just chipping away at it.

I am also in the beginning of planning stages for my trip to the EO. I decided not to run in a seminar right after the event, as I feel that will be too much agility for my dog and I in a short period of time, and the person who was going to go with me did not make the team. So I am now looking for something fun to do for a few days after the event. Suggestions welcome!

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