29 May 2013

I made a video of some highlights from Tryouts interspersed with some of the great photos I got. I'm not as good at these as some others but I like to have the highlights collected into one place for selfish reasons as well, so I can go back and watch it again!

Here is the Vimeo version which I think I prefer

And here's a version with doofy Youtube free music for those who can't see the Vimeo one for some reason.

All 4 dogs and myself got worked on by our PT today, Strafe and Kiba were feeling pretty good even after running on the iffy dirt over the weekend. Drifter and Seri were a bit of a mess, just tight and Seri's wrist is still healing from it's re-injury, apparently. So they will be on light duty for a day or two before running or playing too hard, but they should be fine. We also got Seri's custom carpal support fitted better and trimmed down a bit so the extra support won't stick out too much. It seems to fit really well, I just need to give the ligament a bit more time to heal up before I let her run too hard, even in the support. I am hoping by the end of the summer I can start herding with her again!

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