30 May 2013

Cute in any position.

Just before Tryouts I had Kiba in to the vet for bloodwork. She has had some increased drinking and urination, on and off, for about a year now. Last year bloodwork showed no abnormalities, and sometimes the increase would seem a bit worse and then sometimes it would get better (for months at a time). She is not incontinent, and goes all night without a problem. This time they told me her ALT (one of her liver enzymes) was slightly elevated, nothing too serious, but to watch and recheck. I changed her diet a bit (cutting down the amount of bone in her raw, adding more veggies and muscle meat) and started supplementing with milk thistle and SAMe, and I reran the bloodwork the other day (4 weeks later) and the values had dropped significantly, and are now just barely above normal. So I am going to continue as-is with the diet change and recheck in about 2-3 months. And I am pleased to say her increased drinking seems to have "dried up" as well ;)
I originally thought, last year, that her drinking was due to the forced air heating system which she's never had before, but this year I noticed a drinking increase right in the warm part of spring, when our heat was barely on at all, and now that her enzymes have dropped she is drinking a more normal amount - I don't see her over at the water bowl "tanking up" several times a day.

So hurray for healthy dogs! I'm glad nothing else is going on with her - no thyroid or other issues, and of course having recently had an eye exam I know her eyes are clear of cataracts as well. And she got a pretty good PT check-up yesterday. So for an 8.5 year old dog, Kiba's looking fabulous!

This weekend is my last weekend "home" for quite a while. I've got 3 different flights coming up in June, to CA and back twice, and then to Raleigh NC, with our local USDAA Regional in the middle of all of it. Bit of a marathon! Then July is a couple of AKC trials, followed by our trip to Belgium for the EO! Coming up so quickly it's hard to believe!

We haven't really practiced agility since before Tryouts, even though we've run in 2 AKC trials. First I wanted to rest him, then he had the stupid spider bite, then the antibiotics upset his stomach.... well tomorrow we will finally run a training course again. And I've started him swimming several times a week as well, since it is getting too hot to hike for long distances most days. We are going to start hiking first thing in the morning soon, because without hiking I get lazy myself, and that is not good!

How I've been feeling since Tryouts. Need to work on that! 

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