06 May 2013

2013 AKC EO Team Member!

We did it! Strafe and I started the weekend super strong by winning the first two classes with two beautiful clean runs, and won the very first spot for the EO Large Team!

the team (minus Terry & Presto who were late for the picture)

We had 2 other runs with a couple silly mistakes but mostly made of good stuff, and then finished the weekend strong by winning the last run. We actually were the first place dog for the 4th spot on the Team as well, in placement points, by winning 3 rounds - so that spot then passed down to the 2nd place dog, Tcam, who deserved it for also placing in 3 rounds! It will be a fun time, I am so excited to go to practice and run for AKC for the first time!

I ordered my videos and hopefully will have them later this week. To see the courses and results, you can go here on the AKC's website.

Now Strafe and I will enter a few weeks of "rest". I did enter a trial next weekend because it is only 20min from my house, but other than that we probably won't train agility for about 3 weeks. We will continue our hiking activities and after about 7-10 days I will begin to ramp up core and strengthening exercises as well. I want both of us to be over-prepared for the EO!


Sarah Duke said...

Very, very cool. You have done a super job with him. Congratulations!

Kriszty said...

Well done! He is a lovely dog :)

Kriszty said...

Well done! He is a lovely boy :)

OBay Shelties said...

Congratulations! I had no doubts! :-)

Shahila said...

Loved, loved your runs. Big big big ongratulations!!! :D