20 May 2013

20 May

This past weekend was spent teaching at our local rented indoor, so nice to teach only 15 minutes drive from home! It was fun, we always get a really good group of people here locally, they ask good questions and try really hard and support each other nicely!

Friday night into Saturday, the antibiotics finally caught up to Strafe's stomach and he had some major "GI Upset" all over my bedroom :( poor little guy didn't want breakfast Saturday either, so I called the vet and they gave me a different antibiotic that is gentler on his stomach, and now by Monday he is feeling a LOT better, eating normally, not needing to go out constantly, and his nose is almost fully healed. Just a couple small scabs left to come off, and he isn't even losing much hair, so he won't look ridiculous and bald! Yay! So glad he's doing better.

This coming weekend we have a local AKC trial. Strafe needs 1 more QQ for Nationals, 2 more for Tryouts (I didn't realize our one in April counted towards next year), and just some points and Q's for Nationals as well. This will also be Kiba's first trial back since AKC Nationals in mid-March, since we got her eye diagnosis. I am hoping she runs well, and I will do my best to try to handle her like she needs to be handled!  AKC Nationals is only 2 hours from my house next spring, so I would love to take her one least time! She is also running at the Regional in June. I'm going to use these 2 events to get a feel for running her and see if it seems practical to take her to TN for USDAA Nationals.

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